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No: 2 Traditional aebleskiver pan.

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Made in Indonesia

The dimensions are: Width 8 1/2, Length 16, Depth 1 3/4

Holes Width 2, Depth 1 1/8.

Net weight: 5 lb. 8oz.

You will be delighted working with this exact copy of the traditional American made 
aebleskiver pan, that is out of local production, but is now imported from Indonesia. 
The model meet all the needs of a first class pan.  It has the rim around the bottom,
that make it hold the heat in and distribute it to all the surface of the bottom. 
You will be admired by your family and friends when you cook up some of these
scrumptious delicacies for them.

 The pan is perfect for the gas stoves and can also be used on the regular electric
stoves with the spiral top.  Not suited for the flat top electric ones. It comes with
a wooden handle detached, to make it easier to hold while cooking.  This has in the
past been the most sold pan on the market. It comes with the handle detached to
be easily assembled after purchase. No tools necessary.

Before getting started you should carefully read the getting started section first,
to make sure you get the best start. Also to learn the easy instructions on how to
season the pan for best results.

Thank you very much for sending the 3 bags. Next time I will order 3 bags.
Until then,
Happy frying!!
Mrs. Howard Lee.

Thank you very much for sending the 3 bags so promptly.  Also thank you for the helpful hints in re-ordering. I really appreciated it.

This one will give you many years of fun filled times.  Also can be passed down
to generations to come.

If you get a build-up of carbon on your pan, get some of the product. It will take
it right off. Just follow the instructions on the website: www.carbonkleen.com

An in depth look  for and against each pan.

This pan is one of the oldest pans on the market. They are great on all gas and spiral electric stoves. It has the right shape, with the ring around the bottom to keep the heat evenly distributed to all holes. If it still have cold or hot spots you can cut the top of a #10 can and place on top of burner. It is one of three of the same mold. This one has a detachable wooden handle, for if you want to wash it and also if you want to use it inside the oven. It will give you many years of great use.
This one has a detachable handle. It is not as secure as the one with the handle attached or cast iron. You should not wash with the handle attached. Wooden handles will deteriorate over time. Also be careful not to burn the handle on the gas stove. If you wash it it will rust, unless cured again. Make sure to store dry. None of the contoured pans should be used on the flat top electric stoves.

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To help you in getting all the things you might need for making aebleskiver,
we have added a few things to the list below.
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Traditional aebleskiver pan                        Price: $22.95  Add To Cart

Add 5 lbs of aebleskiver mix to the order:       Price: $16.95  Add To Cart

Jar of home made raspberry jam 16 oz.            Price: $6.95      Add To Cart

Solvang's Danish Cook Book                            Price: $7.95    Add To Cart

We have written a book on the story how the aebleskiver got to be so known and
promoted from the humble beginning in Solvang. It also includes some exciting
stories of my adventures in Alaska, as well as the story of the founding of Solvang
and its earlier years. It is a fun filled book you will enjoy.

To learn of how the aebleskiver got to be so famous and also get the story of the beginning of the town of Solvang, where the restaurant is located, you can order the book here: Glimpse in Time

You can see some snippets from the book here:
Glimpse in Time


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