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Meanwhile enjoy what we have to send you. Here is the story I promised.

The Saga of Aebleskiver!

Many years ago I was asked to write an article to the local Santa Ynez Valley Visitors Magazine, who wanted to know the origin of aebleskiver.  As this delicacy has been around for hundreds of years, I was at a loss in how it all started.  I spent many hours researching old papers and archives, but never found the origin I was looking for.

Since I had promised to come up with a story, I decided since facts were hard to come by,  I was going to write fiction.  So here we go:

Aebleskiver! Thanks heavens you don't have to pronounce it to eat it.  What is it you might wonder?   This is probably the most asked question in town.

Well...... how do I explain it?  There are probably hundreds of explanations and I dare say, none of them are correct, including mine. 

Aebleskiver is a delicacy, supposedly invented by some Danes back in history.   They are like a waffle or a pancake ball.  The translation make people believe that there are slices of apples inside, which is correct--- if you put apple slices inside!  You see, everybody, including me, has their own favorite recipe and way of serving them, all depending from where in Denmark the person and the recipe came from.

You can find them served several different ways in Solvang, CA.  The most common way is with powdered sugar sprinkled over them and then topped with raspberry jam.   Sometimes people have ventured to ask me how aebleskiver were invented and here I am always at a loss, because it is very old.  One theory goes something like this:

Back in the good old days, when the Vikings were roaming up and down the coasts of Europe and the waters of the Atlantic, one band of these rough and tumble Vikings had been particularly hard hit in battle, so, when they got back on their ship all beat up and with their  helmets and shields all dented and banged up, they decided to have one of their favorite dishes to help them regain their strength ---- pancakes!!

In those days they did not have modern conveniences such as frying pans, so, they greased their dented shields and poured the pancake batter on them over the fire but, guess what came out of the holes of the shields! 



Now this is one theory. 

In addition, I like to add a little speculation to this.   Suppose this little band of Vikings could have been Leif Ericsen and his men and they were fighting the "braves" at Vinland!!  Then aebleskiver were served here in this country over a thousand years ago for the first time.  Now, don't ask me if they served them with powdered sugar and raspberry jam at that time!


Following is an email I received recently with a supposed continuation of the story I wrote a long time ago. It was written by a Richard Allen Lindstroem and I thought it was so good that I wanted to add it to my story.

Read it and enjoy.

Hi, Arne,

You have the story exactly right about the origin of aebleskiver.
However, you only told half of what really happened. You see, one day
the Vikings met up with King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table and
had a big contest to see what was better, Vikings' shields or Knights'
suits of armor.

 When all the battering on each other with maces and broadswords was over it was a tie, so they decided to have something to eat before going home. They did not have anything to cook their dough on, so the Knights and the Vikings used their dinged and dented protective gear.

 The Vikings' shields had deep pocket-like dents from
clubs and the Knights suits of armor had creases from multiple sword
blows and chops. So the Vikings cooked up aebleskiver balls and the
Knights cooked up flat cakes with the criss-cross marks imprinted from
their sword-creased breast plates.

The Vikings asked the Knights what their name was for the delicious flat creased cakes. Of course the Vikings were speaking Norse and the Knight who answered thought they wanted to know if he wanted more to eat. He had his mouth full of aebleskiver when he said: "Well, I'm full. Thank you." What the Vikings heard  was: "Wlmfl", and they thought he said "waffle", and the name stuck. So now you know how waffles came to be!

Of course we all know how aebleskiver got named. But for those
who don't know, what happened was one of the Knights asked a Viking
what the name for the delicious ball of cooked batter was, and he said
between mouthfuls of delicious waffle: "We call it aebleskiver!" And
the name stuck.

See you in Solvang!

Richard Allen Lindström



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