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Almond rings cake

Danish Pumpernickel Bread 

Almond and cream filled Kringle

Seven Sisters Butter Ring

 Tub of Butter Cookies

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Olsen's Danish Village Bakery in Solvang

Welcome to the finest bakery around. Olsen's Danish Village Bakery in Solvang has been here for many years. In fact the bakery was established in 1890 back in Denmark on the small island of Aeroe. It has been in the family for four generations, but was moved to Solvang back in 1975.










See the delicious pastries in our show cases. Then scroll down below to order.

Can you resists these?

The Kringler and Seven Sisters in the show case.

We have selected several items for shipping and will consider adding more as we develop ways to get the products to you in condition as fresh baked. Keep coming back for more items in the future.

The items we have for shipping are:

Danish Pumpernickel Bread  Click here

Danish Almond Custard Kringle  Click here

Seven Sisters Butter Ring Click here

Our famous Tub of Butter Cookies Click here

Kransekage (almond Ring Cake)  Click here

If you have any questions regarding these products, call me at: 1-800-404-8883 or send me an email at:

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