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No 38 Home made raspberry jam


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We make our own raspberry jam and it is made without adding any preservatives.  We can ship it, but when it arrives, it should immediately be placed in refrigeration.

  It has become a big seller and it is the same as we use when out at special events around the State.

Get a pint of this mouth watering jam and you will be sold on its special taste to  enjoy with your aebleskiver.  The taste is very different from ordinary raspberry jam.  It really make it a special treat. 

We ship on a daily basis.  

Home made raspberry jam

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Make sure to refrigerate the jam as soon
 as you get it.

We ship on a daily basis.


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We have written a book on the story how the aebleskiver got to be so known and promoted from the
humble beginning in Solvang. It also includes some exciting stories of my adventures in Alaska,
as well as the story of the founding of Solvang and its earlier years. It is a fun filled book you will enjoy.

To learn of how the aebleskiver got to be so famous and also get the story of the beginning of the town of Solvang, where the restaurant is located, you can order the book here: Glimpse in Time

You can see some snippets from the book here: Glimpse in Time

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