Getting Started Making Aebleskiver

You have just purchased a beautiful new aebleskiver pan and gotten it home. You are standing there with that heavy thing in your hands.  Now what are you going to do with it? 

Preparing Your Pan

First thing you should do is give it a good wash in hot soapy water.  While being shipped, it is coated with a wax coating, which protects it from getting rusted, if it is a cast iron pan.  Other pans might have some other sort of protected coating while shipping, so it is wise to clean it really good. You can separate them into different classifications; Cast Iron and Non Stick Aluminum.

Number 1, 2, 5, 6 and 9 are all made of cast iron.  They should be treated the same.  Wash them good and when you have dried them, it is time to cure them. The number 9 pan is partly cured, but still need some more. Make sure to dry them right away, or they will rust. The best way is to dry them in the oven for a few minutes heat. Then it should be cured right away.

The number 3 pan is very unique and different. It is our newest and most popular pan. We had it made after our own specifications. We used our many years of experience and designed it for ease of use and longevity, as well as good look.  (The pans not me)!  It is made from cast aluminum and is covered with a new and very unique non-stick coating. It has a perfect flat bottom and is ideal for using on a flat top electric stove. They are equally great for use on the electric coil as well as a gas stove. You do not need to cure these pans.  Before using them the first time, just make sure to clean it very good. Then place it on the burner and go about cooking as you would any other pan. Add a little cooking oil to each hole and pour in the batter and bake. After use you can wash it and then just put it away for next time.

 This pan is not made for the magnetic induction stoves, They need to be made of cast iron.

The other pans are number 7 and number 10   They are made of aluminum and have a non-stick surface on the pans.  You do not need to cure these, but it is wise to pre-heat them also and coat them with oil like the cast iron ones.  Make very sure not to over heat them, or you will ruin the non-stick surface.  Then they are ready to use. You can wash these pans after each use and store them without risking rusting the pans.

When you use these pans make sure to control the heat, since the pans are very thin and the heat transfers fast. It is easy to either burn your products or have them come out undercooked.

The number 8 pan is also made of cast iron, but has a titanium surface.  This pan is made for the flat top electric stoves, but specific for magnetic induction stoves. They can be used on both gas and electric. It is the most versatile pan you can get. They work just like the others, but is a new and more sophisticated type of product.  They should also be lightly cured, but are easier to work with. The surface is a little rough when you get them, but when you use them once, they should be smooth. You can wash this one and it should not rust, since it has the titanium coating on it. This pan you will only find on our website. It is getting very popular lately, after we introduced it to the American market.

The number 9 pan is a pre-seasoned cast iron pan made for the gas stoves. It can be used on the spiral electric stoves also, but should not be used on the flat top electric stoves. For these stoves we have two pans number 3 and number 8.  It is pre-seasoned, but still need more seasoning before use, use care when cleaning. You should not wash it in a dishwasher, but only use warm water and a stiff brush. Make sure to coat them with cooking oil after cleaning. These pans have the largest holes of any of the pans.

When seasoning or curing your cast iron pan, the best way is to do it on top of the stove. When you are ready to cure your pan, place it on top of the stove and add heat.  Place a little cooking oil in one of the cavities. Take a paper towel and smear the oil all over the pan making sure all surfaces are covered. Turn the heat up enough that the oil start to slightly smoke.  Then turn off the heat and let it sit and cool. Take another paper towel and clean off any oil left. Turn the heat on again and let the pan sit for a little while. Now you should be ready to bake.  If the first batch still sticks a little be patient. The next batch should be fine.

The number 11 pan is made for use as a plug-in pan. It is also made from aluminum with a non-stick surface. You have to use extreme care in cleaning this pan. Do not submerge in to water or any other liquid. It is designed to be placed on the table or counter and each one make their own aebleskiver. A great conversation piece!      

Number 12 is our new commercial pan. It is made of stainless steel and the pan above is cast iron with a non-stick surface. It comes in both gas and electric heated models. Contact us for more information on this one.

If you want to look more in to more cast iron curing and handling you can do it here: click here.

Also when the time comes and you need to clean off some of the burned on carbon, the easiest way is to use the product called carbonkleen.  Whether you are just cleaning your own pan in your kitchen or cleaning a pile of pans in one of the busiess or San Francisco, this product will make life a lot easier. Also, this product is not just for aebleskiver pans! It is equally good on any other kitchen utensil, as well as cleaning the stove for caked on food scraps. You will have a sparkling clean kitchen. Go and take a look at it and you will be surprised. Click here: Carbonkleen.

Get Cooking!

While you are getting the pan ready for use, prepare the batter for cooking.  Follow the instructions on mixing the batter.  The easiest is to use the "Arne's Aebleskiver Mix" and follow instructions on the bag. Let the batter sit for about 15 minutes and let it rise. Whip it up again and adjust the thickness by either adding a little more milk or mix. Then it is time to bake.

Before baking add a little oil in each hole approximately 1/2 teaspoon in each hole. When the oil in the pan is just starting to get hot, test it with a little bit of batter on the tip of the knitting needle.  If it bubbles, it is ready to bake.  Fill the holes up to just about level and let it sit a little while.

Make sure you have the heat under the pan at about low to medium setting. If it is not enough, you can always turn the heat up a little. Just make sure not to pour the batter in the holes before the oil is getting hot enough to bake.

Using the knitting needle, turn the batter about 1/3 way and let it bake a little again. Turn it from the side again 1/3 way and let it cook a little again.  The last turn you finish forming the ball by lifting the cooked shell to create room for the batter to expand and let it cook a little longer.  Watch the video to learn how to do it.

For the non-stick pans use care not to scratch the surface of the pan with the knitting needle or you might damage the coating. You may wish to use a wooden skewer to avoid scratches.

When it is about done, turn it all the way over again too cook the other side.  Make sure the heat is low to medium or they will turn dark before cooking the inside.  The easiest way to do it right is to watch the video.

Let’s Eat…

Now come the best part and that is serving them.  You and your company will enjoy the delicious odor they leave in the kitchen.  I recommend sprinkling them with powdered sugar and topping with raspberry jam.

Before inviting your first family or friends over for a treat, I suggest making a batch first, since it can be rather messy when you are not used to making them yet.  Then it is time to have fun and watch and hear them awe over your culinary creations.

The Clean Up

After you are finished baking, I recommend using a paper towel to wipe the pans dry.  Do not wash the cast iron pans, since they will rust. The others should wipe clean and dry also and only when used for a long time, you might need to do a more thorough cleaning. 

If your aebleskiver pans or other pots and pans start getting a buildup of carbon we have a brand new product that work amazingly well to remove the buildup without any hard work. Check it out by clicking here. What you do is coat the area with the gel on the carbon build-up and let it sit for 15-30 minutes, then you can rinse it off in cold water. It is that easy. Go to the website and read about the product.

We have recently made a video on how to make aebleskiver. You can watch it here:

How to make Aebleskiver Video
Click the above link to watch how to make your aebleskiver. It takes a little while to load, so be patient.
When you get to bake you should use approximately one half teaspoon of oil in each hole for each time. I forgot to include it in the video.

Now go and have fun!! 

And Send me an E-mail and tell me how you are doing.

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