Classic Home Made Storks.


Storks are considered a very special bird in Denmark. As the story goes, they are supposed to bring babies to people!! Have we not all been told that story when we were little?

Back in Denmark it is considered very good luck to have a stork pair nesting on your roof at your farm, they were supposed to bring good luck to the farmer.

Over the years the stork population has dwindled down to just a few left. It is now very rare to have them nesting and bringing their own babies into the world anywhere in Denmark. Even in the rest of  Europe they are getting more scarce as time goes.

Since the food they prefer is a nice juicy frog and they are getting scarcer, they have a harder time to feed their growing family and are searching for better feeding areas.

To help maintain the population many are now buying wooden storks and placing them on top of their houses in hopes the real ones will come and nest there again. It looks good and it is becoming a fad to add them to the decor to the homes.

Here in Solvang we are lucky to have a craftsman that is able to make them and have them look very life like. He has many years of experience in the fine art of wood working.

He starts out by going around and selecting the very finest Douglas Fir he can find. He then ages it for a long time, to make sure they will not warp or crack.

He then sculptures them to perfection and finish them off with several layers of red, white and black paint, to make them very life like in appearance.

It is a very time consuming process and takes special skill to make them look real.  He is building himself a superb reputation as a wood craftsman.

The legs are made of one treaded rod for the standing leg, for ease of mounting and one aluminum doweled  for the bend leg. The beak is red as in real life, as are the legs. The body is white and the tail feathers are black. When you see them sitting on top of the roof, you would sure think they are for real.

The overall length of the stork is 3 feet from the tip of the tail to the end of the beak. It stands 32 inches tall to the bottom of the bend leg. the width of the body is 3 inches at the thickest. The threaded leg is made of 5/8 inch treaded rod, which can be purchased at any hardware store and be cut to the desired length. It does not come with the stork. The bend leg is made from  1/2 inch aluminum dowel, which do come with the stork.

The finish is done with several layers of enamel in the appropriate colors. It should give a life like appearance for many years to come.

Mounting instructions come with the package. The best way to mount them is on top of the highest ridge of the roof. You should also build a nest for it and include several long twigs shaped around the leg as a nest. That is the normal buildup of their nest. Many start the nest by placing a wagon wheel and using it as base for the nest. Then wrapping twigs around to build a round nest.  The ideal setup would be two storks, a male and a female. Maybe they will even get to multiply then??

What we normally do, is have the male standing up and the female sitting on the nest. That sure make it look real. We can accommodate that.

We have been promised he will make a few for sale to interested parties. He can only make a few and then he will have to stop.

If you are interested in obtaining one of these life like storks for your home, you should get a reservation in as soon as possible, while he is still able to fill your order.

There is a slight difference between a male and a female stork, so be sure to specify what you prefer.

We can ship them anywhere in the world and ship them very secure packed. We use both UPS and USPS, whichever give you the best price.

As with any other product we handle, we give an unconditionally guarantee for 90 days. Just return it to us postage paid and we will refund you the full purchase price. No questions asked. how can you loose?

Sometimes it might take a little time to have the product prepared for shipping, so be patient and allow time for receiving it.

The price for the storks are each: $349.95     Buy now

Shipping is extra.

We will email you back the details on delivery date and any other information you might need or want.

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