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No 30 Solvang Danish Cook Book.

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The Solvang Cook Book has been compiled from many years of experience by many of the local restaurants in town.  The meals you get there are mostly based on these old traditional recipes, many of them passed down from generation to generation.

 There are recipes of main meals as well as desserts and there is even an old recipe of aebleskiver in there.  You will also find some great cakes in there.

Pick one up and do some experimenting of your own and see if you can create some Danish dishes of your own.  Who knows, you might become well known between your family and friends as a  "real" Danish chef.

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To learn of how the aebleskiver got to be so famous and also get the story of the beginning of the town of Solvang, where the restaurant is located, you can order the book here: Glimpse in Time

You can see some snippets from the book here: Glimpse in Time


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