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  Danish Pumpernickel

( Rugbroed)

You will find our Danish Pumpernickel the finest in quality and texture. In fact you will find it hard to taste a better pumpernickel bread than ours. It is found in most restaurants in town as the preferable bread for the customers.   


Our pumpernickel is made from the finest fresh ground rye kernels  available. It is baked in the local oven and packed fresh every day.

You will get a full 48 oz of pure healthy delight with every loaf.

We ship them in packages of one or more loaves in a box.  

Pumpernickel can be shipped as either UPS ground or Air. Shipping by UPS ground is recommended for the pumpernickel. 

  To order your home made pumpernickel click on the buttons below:

       1 loaf of Danish pumpernickel  at              Price $6.95            Add to Cart

       2 loaves of Danish pumpernickel at           Price $13.90           Add to Cart


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