Aebleskiver mix and Jam.

1 Lb. Aebleskiver Mix. See our newest and most versatile bags they come in now.
The bags are re-sealable and will stand up with the new innovative bottoms.
Each pound makes about 30 aebleskiver.

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   1 case 15 bags of  1lb aebleskiver mix    
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Each case holds 15 bags of aebleskiver mix.  All like the description above.

Each pound makes about 30 aebleskiver                                     

Or get the larger bags:

5 lbs Aebleskiver Mix.
These bags hold 5 lbs. of aebleskiver mix in a re-sealable bag.
They have the stand up type of bottom as the 1 lb bags

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 Case of 5 lbs. aebleskiver mix. Makes about 450 aebleskiver.

3 bags of 5 lbs aebleskiver mix in a case Price $45.95 
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Home made raspberry jam.

We make our own raspberry jam and it comes in 1 pint sizes.  We can ship it, but when it arrives, it should immediately be placed in refrigeration.

  It has become a big seller and it is the same as we use when out at special events around the State.

Get a pint of this mouth watering jam and you will be sold on its special taste to  enjoy with your aebleskiver.  The taste is very different from ordinary raspberry jam. 
It really make it a special treat. 

We ship on a daily basis.  

Home made raspberry jam

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Cook Books


The Solvang Cook Book has been compiled from many years of experience by many of the local restaurants in town. 
The meals you get there are mostly based on these old traditional recipes.
Many of them passed down from generation to generation.

 There are recipes of main meals as well as desserts and there is even an old recipe of aebleskiver in there. 
You will also find some great cakes in there.

Pick one up and do some experimenting of your own and see if you can create some Danish dishes of your own. 
Who knows, you might become well known between your family and friends as a  "real" Danish chef.

             Price for cook book $7.95   Add To Cart  Shipping incl.

  Richly illustrated Cook Book from Denmark and the Danish Communities around the world.

Danish Food Cook Book is a compilation of some of the most used recipes from around
Denmark and Danish Restaurants in the US. 
It is richly illustrated with pictures from various parts of Denmark. 

You will be delighted with all the great meals you can surprise your friends with. 
It even have three recipes for aebleskiver right in the front section of the book. 
Not mine though.  I am sure they are all good, if you are into making them from scratch.

It is very easy to order the book, just follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.
We will have your order out the same day we receive the order.

In fact, you should get a few extra ones to give to family and friends. 
They will appreciate them very much.

To order just click below

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We have made a book on how it all started that aebleskiver became so famous all over the country.
It also have the story of Solvang's growth from a little hamlet to the thriving city of today.
You will also read about my Alaska adventures in my young days.
To see some free excerpts of the book click here