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The Famous Danish Kringle

A Danish Pastry in a Pretzel

Anyone from the Old Country recognizes how a kringle looks like. It is the sign above any bakery shop all over Europe. When you see this sign, you know there are delicious things waiting for you inside. It is the most recognized symbol for a bakery.

This symbol has been imported to our country and you will see them in any state where there are European bakeries. The biggest concentration of Danish Bakeries in the country is here in Solvang. You will find many high skilled bakers performing their culinary creations every day.

These delicious pretzels are enjoyed all over the country and we ship them every day.  You can get them in boxes with only one or if you prefer we can include two in each box. To make sure they arrive as fresh as when they come out of the oven, we ship them only as 2nd Day Air with UPS. If you live in California you can select UPS ground and it will arrive in about 2 days. Any order placed otherwise will be delayed until we get the right shipping order.

When ordering make sure to ask for Second Day Air delivery. This ensures the kringler arrives as fresh as when they came out of  the oven. If you are in California you can select UPS ground and it will arrive in 2 days. All you then have to do is gently reheat them in the oven for a few minutes and they come out smelling just as when they were baked.

To order your kringler choose the quantity and click on the add to cart button:

1 Authentic Danish kringle in a box Price $9.50       Add to Cart

2 authentic Danish Kringler in a box Price $19.00      Add to Cart

Now just wait and anticipate the arrival of these famous kringler.

If you have any questions regarding these products, call me at: 1-800-404-8883 or send me an email at:

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