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 Home made Danish butter cookies.

When you think of cookies you automatic think home made. The cookies from our bakery are all home made right on our premises.  Our tubs hold about five dozen cookies or 1 lb 4 oz weight, with about four different varieties packed in these very colorful tubs.

Our cookies are made from the finest ingredients available. As they say--  start with a pound of butter----.

The tubs are made of very sturdy plastic and will keep the cookies fresh for a long time. It is nice enough to place on the table direct.

We have won many high prizes for our quality cookies. They are known all over the country and we ship them every day.

Get one tub or more. We ship them in any quantity you want.

We ship them by UPS ground for the least expensive shipping. You can also get them by UPS air for a slightly higher cost. When you place the order you select the preferred means of shipping. We prefer shipping with UPS, but will also ship via USPS. All orders are plus cost of shipping calculated by UPS or USPS according to weight, speed and distance. We have no control over shipping cost.

To order click on the quantity choice below:

1 tub of Danish Butter Cookies Price:  $13.95   Add to Cart     

2 tubs of Danish Butter Cookies Price $26.90    Add to Cart

For larger orders send an email for quote:        Get quote on larger order

We also work with corporate accounts for gift baskets.











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