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   Danish Butter Ring.

(Seven Sisters)

The ideal Cake to serve with your afternoon coffee. The butter rings are made of the purest of ingredients. When you bite in to them, the butter just oozes out of it. It is that delicious. Together with the almond paste and cream inside, they make the perfect companion to your coffee.  Not too sweet, but very tasty. Our butter rings have won numerous prizes at many competitions.


We ship them all over, but will only accept UPS air or faster, since the goodies just have to arrive fast and fresh to be enjoyed. To pick a slower delivery just delays the shipping, since we will ask you to upgrade the shipping.

To order click on the quantity choice below:

You can order them individually or in pairs. 

 1 Danish Butter Ring (Seven Sisters) Price:  $9.50    Add to Cart

    2 Danish Butter Rings (Seven Siters) Price $19.00  Add to Cart

     For larger orders send an email for quote:   Get quote on larger order

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