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Item No 42 Advanced Box

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This box include a No 8 Titanium coated aluminum aebleskiver pan, one pound of aebleskiver mix, one pint of homemade raspberry jam, a knitting needle to turn them, a Danish cook book with many recipes, including one for aebleskiver, and a picture of the finished product, how they are supposed to look like!! 

You can see the description of the pan in depth here: Aebleskiver pans and mix


The European market has come up with the newest in modern cooking technology. It is a way to cook with magnetic levitation on the stove. This new way of cooking will soon also be available here in this country.

Be one of the first to get these new pans and be prepared for the changes coming soon. It can also be used on the "old fashioned" kind of stoves and work at least as good on them also, both gas and electric.

The pans have seven holes and is covered with a non-stick titanium surface making them very easy to use for cooking and cleaning up. They also have a enamel coating on the bottom making them very smooth and the bottom will not scratch the surface of the stove. You will be amazed how good they are.

When you are baking aebleskiver for your family and friends, they will be admiring your ability and creativity and the whole kitchen will smell deliciously of aebleskiver.  You sure will be a hit with your family and friends.

It is also ideal for use as a Christmas gift or any other type of gift.  All you have to do is place the order, let me know what you want on the gift card and we take care of the rest.  We will write the card and ship it directly to your designated recipient.

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        Jar of home made raspberry jam 16 oz.        $7.95   Add To Cart   


  We have written a book on the story how the aebleskiver got to be so known and promoted from the humble beginning in Solvang. It also includes some exciting stories of my adventures in Alaska, as well as the story of the founding of Solvang and its earlier years. It is a fun filled book you will enjoy.

To learn of how the aebleskiver got to be so famous and also get the story of the beginning of the town of Solvang, where the restaurant is located, you can order the book here: Glimpse in Time

You can see some snippets from the book here: Glimpse in Time


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