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Tips and tricks about aebleskiver.


Why should you listen to me for advise on aebleskiver?

             My wife and I in action!

In 1966 I started the Solvang Restaurant in Solvang California and made aebleskiver my specialty. It kind of evolved. Not that I set out to be an expert on this particular food item.  We did experiment for awhile, until the recipe we used became very famous and is now the standard in the business. 

We served aebleskiver for breakfast, lunch and in between snacks. The automatic desert was always aebleskiver and soon the word spread and people lined up for them all day long. We sold them by the thousands and when we started to bag the mix and sell it to the customers, that too became extremely popular. We sold it by the tons every day. People wrote and called for them and we build a huge mail order business.

We were also asked where they could buy the pans and I soon realized I could sell them in the restaurant, so that became a huge sideline also.

Over the years we have tried every single pan that became available on the market.  We tested them for usability and ease of care. There was no pan I did not have a test result on and people kept asking me for advise.

When we sold the restaurant to retire, I decided to keep some of the pans.  We kept selling the pans to friends and former customers and it was a natural, that when I decided to start selling pans on eBay and my website, I could advise which ones were the good ones.

When you are shopping to find the best pan for your use, you are always welcome to consult with me for free.  Let me know what kind of stove the pan will be used on and how much you plan on using it and I will stir you in the right direction.

You can also go to my website and learn how to make them by watching the video on my site. We also give instructions on how to season the pans and which ones need to be seasoned and which ones do not. Also how to clean them after use is covered there.

We have the largest selection of pans on my site with an in-depth description on each pan. You will also see the aebleskiver mix we have for sale there and the jam we use for them. 

You will have fun to just browse the site for information and we also have available the history on how they came to be for free to you. Read it and have a laugh.

Remember we are here to help you for free and we love to hear from each and everyone of you.

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See you on the net.
Arne Hansen


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