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How to make aebleskiver video.

Click the above link to watch how to make your aebleskiver. It takes a little while to load, so be patient.
When you get to bake you should use approximately one half teaspoon of oil in each hole for each time. I forgot to include it in the video.

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What is so special about aebleskiver you may ask?

  • They are incredibly tasty. Not too sweet or tart.

  • Very easy to make and serve.

  • They can be prepared right in you own kitchen at home.

  • A real conversation piece for house guests.

  • Mouthwatering ingredients.

  • You will be admired by your family and friends when
    you serve them.

  • You will join an ever growing group of gourmet chefs internationally.

  • To order aebleskiver  pans and  "Arne's Instant Aebleskiver Mix"
    as well as the home made jam, you can go direct to
    ordering here. 

    To help you getting started read our instructions on how to cure and treat your new pan.                          

If you are into experimenting on your own, here are  superb recipes  you can follow and have fun making
your own version of them.

Why trust us?

You might wonder why you should trust us?  We have been in the business to make aebleskiver since 1966. It was our specialty in the restaurant. There probably is not an aebleskiver pan we have not tested and have an opinion on.

 The aebleskiver mix was developed by us over 40 years ago and is being sold by the ton. It has become the standard in the business.

Since we sold the restaurant we have been going to many places to demonstrate how to make them and answer questions to anyone interested in learning how to make them at home.

Solvang has become very famous as the "Danish Capital of America".  Every year the town is celebrating Danish Days and the main attraction there is serving aebleskiver on the street, made right in front of you. 
The mix used there is what we developed many years ago and has become the standard.

Customers from around the world is now using our aebleskiver pans and aebleskiver mix.  We pride ourselves in keeping the highest standards possible.  It is so good that every time the Danish queen has been visiting New York, she always insisted on having our aebleskiver.

How can you get started?

Check our large selection of pans and other items on our website.
 While you are here also read the getting started page, so you get the right start with your aebleskiver pan.

We have also assembled several gift packages for your convenience.  See them here.

    Do you have anything you like to tell us, use this link to get to us. Use our address: Hansen Enterprises, 3291 Glengary Road, Santa Ynez, CA 93460

Here we are in action at a Special Event.

Avoid problems, get the right pan for your stove top.
Before deciding on which aebleskiver pan to purchase, you should watch this video covering all the pans on the market today. It give you an in depth coverage on which pan go with a particular stove top. If you don't get the right pan, you will have problems. View video

Here are a few testimonial from my customers.

This is in from a customer.

Arne, I have to tell you how fabulous the electric pan is.! I am a Dane and have experienced the aebleskiver tradition for many many years, from my grandmother to my parents and now I have passed it to my children and grandchildren.  Most memorable is the Christmas time tradition my parents started, "The grandchildren's Party". When my sisters and I were young mothers, my folks would have the grandchildren (sometimes all 9 of them) over for frikadeller and then aebleskivers. Some years they all went caroling through the neighborhood and then some years they watched Christmas movies and decorated the tree. But the aebleskiver tradition never changed, and that is what my children looked most forward to!  I remember a year when I dropped my kids off and my mom was at the stove cooking aebleskivers, and when I picked them up several hours later, she was still there!

About five years ago, I purchased sets of your pans and mixes for my children for Christmas, as they were all growing up and had homes of their own. I suppose I was trying to keep the tradition alive for them since the days of Grandchildren's Party had given way to College and weddings.

I am happy to say I now have grandchildren of my own and last year, I brought the Grandchildren's Party back to life!!  With the new electric pan, it was so much easier!!! The kids were around the table and I gave the two older ones extra long needles so they had a chance to "help" turn them. The youngest was in a highchair and patiently waited for hers!! It is so much easier to make a huge batch at a time. I quickly learned that if I poured the batter slowly in a clockwise pattern, by the time I was done pouring and was back around the top, it was just about time to start turning them and I wouldn't have to try and figure out which one I poured first!

I just wanted to say how much we enjoy using the pan. It may not seem like much of a difference to some, but the ability to plug it in, use it, and wipe it off when I'm done, is fabulous. I have a glass top stove and even though I purchased the pan you have, OK to use on the glass top, I was always nervous getting the pan too hot and the holes are just too small. We make them much more often now, which may not be good for our waistlines, but it sure is good for my comfort zone!! I have to admit, I felt a bit of a "cheater" using the electric pan the first couple of times, but given the end results are the same, I now think my Bestemor would understand!!

Thank you so much for all your efforts, you have made it possible for me to pass on my heritage and keep traditions alive in my home!!

Kim Jensen Mattox.

Thanks Arne for you prompt reply.  Justin is really
looking forward to getting the package.  Some of his
fondest childhood memories are growing up in Solvang
and eating aebleskivers at your restaurant and since I
won't part with my pan, he looks forward to having his
own.  He is now a chef and looking forward to
introducing his associates in Florida to the tasty

Thank you for getting back to me so promptly and being so helpful.  Can't wait to receive!  Alysa

Hello.  Your ordering process was so easy.  Thank you!

I ordered the amateur package.  Will that work on gas stoves?  I noticed that was one specifically for gas stoves but I'm not sure if any of them would work on a gas stove.  Will you let me know so I can change my order if necessary?  Thank you.  I'm ordering this package for my son for Christmas as he is so fascinated by Denmark traditions. 

It arrived today in perfect condition!
Thank you for your great service.  I was so happy to find your website.  My boyfriend & I were introduced to aebleskivers in a local cafe in the small Minnesotan town of Askov.  Looking forward to putting your products to use!  Thank you kindly & best wishes for a happy holiday.

So now it is your turn. Go and have fun with them.

       Now get ready to enjoy it.



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