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 Item No 1


This is the least expensive pan on  the market.  It is a
copy of the original Norwegian made aebleskiver pan.
Also known as Munker pan.

              Regular Price $15.95    Add To Cart



Item No 2

The Traditional Aebleskiver Pan has been the most sold pan on the market.
Comes with handle detached.

                  Price $24.95   Add To Cart




 Item No 5



This all cast iron Aebleskiver Pan is copied after the
original American made pan.

        Price $26.95    Add To C art 



Item No 6


Cast iron with wood handle, same model as above but with
wooden handle instead.

             Price 22.95     Add To Cart




Item No 8

New Titanium coated pan.
 Brand new on the American  market. The most versatile pan. Can be used on all stoves, including the magnetic induction stoves.

                                                       Price $24.95     Add To Cart       

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Item No 9




The Lodge Prologic pan is made right here in the US
from the finest cast iron.  It is pre-seasoned for easier start up


                                            Price $37.95   Add To Cart

  Item No 10




Norpro aluminum pan with non-stick finish. This one is made
in China for Norpro, but you can see no difference from the American made.


                                            Price $29.95    Add To Cart


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Our list of gift packages.

  • Item No 39
    Supplies of Jam and Aebleskiver Mix.

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    For the person who need a fresh supply to keep the family going, but not an extra pan, we have made a supply package for them.  It is a perfect gift item. Order it from us and we will write the gift card for you. and send it along. 

    We are now packing the mix in a new zip lock bag that also will stand up. It is the latest in bags.

    Supplies Pack
    $27.85  Add To Cart


    Following gift packages contains a pan of your choice, a bag of Arne's Aebleskiver Mix, a pint of the raspberry jam, The Solvang Danish Cook Book, a knitting needle to turn with and a picture of the finished product.

    All packages is the same, except the pan you choose.

    Item No 40.
    Amateur Box.             

    The Amateur package contain the Norwegian pan and all you need to get started making aebleskiver

    Amateur Box as pictured above                    
           Price $36.95    Add To Cart


Item No 41

Beginners pack


The Beginners package has an original style cast iron pan ideal for cooking on gas stoves. It also have all the necessary items to get started.


As pictured here:

                  Price $46.95   Add To Cart


Item No 42

Advanced Box


The Advanced package includes a titanium pan, which is the most advanced pan on the market.

Advanced box as above.

        Price $63.95   Add To Cart


Item No 44.
Norpro Box.

The Norpro package Cast Iron Pan  has seven holes. It is one of the most sold pans on the market.

Norpro box as pictured above 
Price $45.95    Add to Cart

Pro-logic pack

 The Pro Logic pack contains the American made aebleskiver pan with a great non stick surface for ease of baking and cleaning.



                   Pro logic Pack

                 Price $61.95 Add To Cart

   Out of stock




tem No 45
Aluminum pan Pack

Aluminum pack. Non-stick finish, but pan made in China

                                                                     Aluminum  pan Pack  Price $52.95    Add to cart



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